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    Hello my little Cupcakes ^.^ 
    My name is Malibu. Yes that is in fact my real birth name, but feel free to call me Mali as well.
    I'm a 23 year old pink haired, pill head Barbie to put it in simple terms. I have an old soul and a fucked up mentality of things.
    I am paranoid over everything in my life and I drink way too much Starbucks while watching too many fucked up independent films.
    I'm a very eccentric person both physically and mentally. I enjoy fashion, makeup, and dark morbidity. In fact, I eat, breathe, and live for it. Shopping, the taste of blood, and getting lost in a huge book makes me really happy.
    I love Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. They're my role models and what I aspire to be in my life.
    I insult myself more than the average person should while coming off as the most confident and vain little girl you could meet.
    I'm a very sweet person to talk to but trust very little people in real life.
    I'm a vegetarian and a Satanist but I don't like to be preachy about it.
    I really like beards or facial hair in general. I think they're one of the most attractive things on the male species. I also like guys who are a bit older than me as well.
    I'd love to have a sugar daddy in real life, and someone to take care of me but I'm sure I'm just dreaming on that.
    I love fake looking Barbie girls. I think they're so gorgeous and beautiful in every way. Like flawless little dolls.
    I'm very much a perfectionist at everything I do and suffer from several mental conditions.
    I have 5 1/2 tattoos and 9 piercings.
    Foxes, cats, deer, and bunnies are my favorite animals.
    I love Metal, opera, and electronic trance music the most out of anything.
    I'm literally obsessed with Hello Kitty,unicorns, My Little Pony,Barbie,gore,pink stuff, evil things, death,and cupcakes.
    I play a lot of videogames. Xbox and Left 4 Dead 2 are my system and game of choice forever.
    I love to watch subbed anime.
    On this blog I will be posting random things I enjoy or find interesting,weird oddities,bloody,gory,pink,cute,and occasional triggering things.

    I only follow blogs I like and I don't do promo things. I'm simply here because I enjoy blogging.
    So follow me if you like mine and ask me anything, I'm really nice and am always up for a lovely intelligent conversation :)
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